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Italkrom Bros Dimitriou Co. is present in the sector of paints and furniture varnishes since 1990. It is located in Igoumenitsa and represents exclusively for Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans the companies POLISTUC, furniture varnishes, IMPERIAL, abrasives and FALCIONI POMPE, mechanical and pneumatic paint pumps.

Specifically, Italkrom has a full range of furniture varnishes, which can satisfy any requirement of the indoor and outdoor furniture construction industry and frames, for example the range is consisted of:

  • Solvent Primers & Coatings (polyurethane, acrylic, polyester, nitrocellulose, UV, etc.)
  • Water-based Primers & Coatings for interior furnishings and parquet
  • Water-based Primers & Coatings for exterior frames and shutters
  • UV Water-based Primers & Varnishes for Indoor Use
  • Water & Solvent Dyes
  • Solvent & Water-based Tintometric Color System
  • Solvent & Water-based Patinas
  • Complete range of products for special effects on wood and glass, along with application methods for a variety of styles.

Italkrom has also a full range of abrasives selected specifically for the furniture and wooden structures, as well as paint pumps, which aim at all sizes of businesses and cover all their needs.

Important are also the services provided by Italkrom, such as technical updates, presentations of new and innovative products, technical visits, etc.

Italkrom focuses on the problems that every business may face and thanks to the expertise and the experience of its technical staff, is able to provide solutions to them.

Finally, on the occasion of 20th anniversary of Italkrom, we would like to thank our partners for their valuable support and trust over the years ... and we want to inform you, that we are entering the new decade of Italkrom’s dynamic life.

Bros Dimitriou Co

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